150, Rue de Gerland
69007 Lyon 07

Lyon - Rhône Alpes

N°TVA : 84510660210

Portrait of a passionate Master in Pastry

JJérôme Langillier, Master in Pastry, based in the Rhône-Alpes region, offers his world renowned knowledge to the professionals of the Pastry and the Catering trade. Call on his services of Pastry consultant participate to one of his trainings and give a new dash to your creativity.

Portrait of Jérôme Langillier

An experienced Pastry Chef
  • Trainer and consultant in France and abroad
  • Professional career in Shops, Star Michelin Restaurants and in event catering companies
A passionate Pastry Chef
  • The tradition of the beautiful and good taste
  • The gustatory accuracy
  • The respect for products and men
  • The values and the heritage of French Pastry
A strong gastronomic identity
  • Rational in the flavour pairing
  • Concerned about enhancing the products
  • Original in design and texture
  • A clear and legible tasting
An artistic identity
  • An artistic personality through drawing, modelling, painting, symbolism and stylized design.
A unique personality
  • Hedonist, go-getter, curious, realistic and efficient

Gastronomic influences

  • Pierre Malot : (Pâtisserie Malot)
    respect and culture of products nobility
  • Denis Arthaud : (Pâtisserie Arthaud)
    an ingenious autodidact
  • Bernard Constantin : (Restaurant Larivoire*)
    a cuisine of instinct and character
  • Patrick Henriroux : (Restaurant La Pyramide**)
    a cuisine that you can tell
  • Christian Née : (MOF Chef)
    a great technique for a formidable efficiency and accuracy
  • Pascal Molinès : (MOF Pastry Chef)
    the gustatory realism
  • Franck Michel : (MOF Pastry Chef)
    a fulfilled and free pastry
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